Understanding OCHoarding Disorder.
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Intro to OCHD.
Basic Info.
Hoarder vs. Clutterer.
Possible Causes.

Why & What People Hoard.
Why People Hoard.
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What People Hoard.
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Treatments & Research.
Treatments Options for OCHD.
Research Projects.

Literature & Links.
Useful OCHD Links.
Hoarding by the Elderly.
Animal Hoarding.

How To Find Help.
How Can You Help.
Support Groups.
Read a Personal Story.
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Tips& Tricks.
4 Key Actions.
Finish what you start.
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  A Call For Help.
"Saving the World".

A very good article written by Dr. Penzel helps to see how Hoarding affects people.
"I was recently reminded of a type of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) known as "compulsive hoarding" when..."
Full Article.

  UOCD Site.
Learn more on OCD in general by visiting the Understanding OCD Site.

  Hoarding and Clutter.
Hoarding and Clutter (The Infinite Mind, Vol. 229).
Purchase Book at AMAZON.
The Right Name for Hoarding.

Give your opinion on what you think is the most Adequate Name for Hoarding.
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